Public Speaking


John Dominique is available for public speaking. My topic is self-worth. I charge $1500/hr for local events in the Atlanta area. It's the same price for non-local events but I charge additional for travel, meal and lodging amenities. The contact number is 678.435.3755.












"John Dominique is a unique, special and wonderful man. I have had deep, spiritual conversations with him. In his 'dark night of the soul" he sought answers from our Creator.  What emerged is a beautiful and powerful understanding of God and God's universe.  He has a message that is worth listening to. I treasure my friendship with him."

John Strickland - Unity Atlanta Senior Pastor


"John Dominique is truly an expert in the field of spirituality, and his insights are indeed epic. He is a delightful ... public speaker ... The value he brings to any situation is noteworthy..." 

David Burke - Mary Our Queen Folk Choir Director


"John Dominique is a an inspirational thinker ... [and] a wonderful role model, who is living the truth of his beliefs ... his lectures, can have a life altering effect..." 

Cathy De Anne - IONS Hostess and Freelance Editor






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